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Your one stop for all your computing needs. From hardware to software, we will find, configure, and deliver a product specially designed for you. We partner with our clients from concept and design to completion. We empower our clients and help them feel confident in there web presence, purchases, data security, and beyond. Wardell App Services is here to serve you and help you navigate this digital world.

Web Page Design & Development

One of the many services we offer is website design. We offer comprehensive services and support to all levels and maturation of design. From dream and concept to completion, we are with you every step of the way. We also help you learn how to manage your website and understand how to utilize it to the fullest of its potential.

Why invest in a web designer when there are sites I can build my own?

There are many details and tasks that come with building a website and designing it. Professional web designers not only understand the importance of graphics and content, but also how to use those aspects to create an optimal SEO and marketing plan for your site and business! They know how to work the back end so the front end runs smoothly for you and your customers.

Hiring a Web Designer saves you TIME!

There isn’t a process of trial and error that is inevitable with something new. And along with this, they know how to prevent common problems and issues from the get-go so that you don’t lose valuable time fixing problems that could have been avoided in the beginning. Just as you wouldn’t try to replace your plumbing, wire your home, or audit your taxes without professional support…you should consult with a professional with one of the most important parts of your business, your online presence

Why Choose Us Over Other Web Designers?

Why Choose us? That is a good question, after all, there are many web designers to choose from. Type in web designer in google and you get pages and pages of companies that provide some sort of web design. Most of them are outside the US. So what makes us different? Our purpose and focus is to empower you and help you navigate this new age of business. We are not just an “Off the Shelf” web design company. We partner with you from start to finish and beyond. We train and support well after the job has been finished. Your success is our success. Everything we do is tailored around you and your business.

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Web Hosting

All our Plans Include the following:

Dedicated CPU, memory and IP for every site.
You’ll never be impacted by other sites or shared resources

Web Application Firewall
and dynamic malware defense with optimized rule sets / blocklists for elite security

Daily backups
with 30 days storage. Get up to 720 restore points with optional hourly backups package

The best hosting support you’ve ever experienced
with 24/7 live chat help for any WordPress issue

A hosting solution that seamlessly integrates
with plugins, site management, automation, and templates

Integrated, one-click staging environment.
Test, fix, and update your sites with absolute confidence

Want to see what plans we offer?
Contact us. We would love to talk to you so that we can provide the best tailored hosting package for you.

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Computer Diagnostics & Repair

Have a computer that is not working?
Don't throw it away, let us take a look at it and see if we can give it new life!

We offer diagnostics that includes the following:

  • Check for malware
  • Check for rogue background processes
  • Inspect OS integrity
  • Check hard drive usage
  • Check Memory usage
  • Inspect Hardware integrity
  • Battery Status (if a mobile device)
  • And if there are specific concerns the client has, we investigate those as well.

We provide you a report and a list of suggested repairs or updates.
If you have us perform the repairs, half of the diagnostic fee you paid is applied as a credit towards any services rendered.

What if it is not worth fixing?
If we can't fix your device or it is not worth fixing then we will provide several options and recommendations on how you can economically replace it

We are here to Help!

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3d Printing / Design

Science Fiction?
Creating something seemingly from nothing may be unbelievable, but 3d printing and manufacturing is very much not science fiction . The technology has been around for a few years and has been perfected and improved upon. It is being used to innovate engineering and design. Parts for the ISS, medical, dental, aviation, and more are being designed and 3d printed.

What are the benefits?
Because 3d printing is done by printing layers of material on top of each other, it offers new possibilities of design. We can make solid parts hollow with a support structure inside to reduce weight and material usage. We can print holes that we would not be able to drilled. We can print shapes that provide strength or flexibility that would be difficult to manufacture any other way. Rapid prototyping is another benefit. If we are testing out designs before investing in production, this will lower cost in the log run.

Isn't 3d printing expensive?
Not as expensive as you may think. In the past, the cost of the equipment made it hard for the average person to afford, but advancement in software, technology, and materials have made this investment more affordable.

I am not a space agency, how can 3d printing benefit me?
For the average person, 3d printing has become more of a novelty. Print unique toys, gifts, or art. Comicon, reinfest enthusiast, theater, and movie makers use 3d printing to create unique props and costumes. Though this is defiantly a good use of 3d printing, it opens new paths for design and prototyping as well. Have a part of an old car, or appliance that is hard or expensive to find? 3d print it. Have an idea for a new product for your business but not sure if it will work? 3d print it, test it, tweak the design before you invest in production. The possibilities are endless.

I don't have a 3d printer how can I get things printed?
You are in luck, we do have a 3d printer and would love to print something for you. Check out our store of things we printed. We are adding new items all the time. Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a shout and we are happy to help design and print what ever you are looking for.

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