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WAppS Customer Protection Plan

Table of Contents

Your IT Guy

With our lives dependent on technology, from our livelihood to our entertainment, it is frustrating when it miss behaves.  What do you do when your computer stops working when you need to finish that big project for work or school?  What do you do when you want to print out that cute craft for the kids and your printer refuses to print?  What do you do when your WiFi or internet goes out and you have an important web meeting? What do you do when your computer is held ransom by a virus? 

These are all scary and frustrating scenarios.  We provide comprehensive coverage of all your technology, but we don’t just stop at the computer screen.  We offer support and training to give you the piece of mind you need to navigate this world of technology.  We offer Business and Home plans. Let Us be Your IT Guy.

WAppS Customer Protection Plan

All protection plans we offer include the following.

  • Virus Protection

    Up-to-date protection Behavioral scanning Heuristic Analysis Daily scans Malware protection

  • Web Protection

    Complements antivirus engines and firewalls Threat protection Bandwidth monitoring Control user access sites Safeguard users

  • Discounts and Exclusive Perks

    Hardware repair savings Limited time member offers Product discounts Reduced price upgrades

  • Remote Support

    Phone, Text, or Online Support Remote access for quick response Wireless printer setup Troubleshooting

  • Face to Face Suport

    Priority Appointments One-on-one support Customized training Office or home support No long wait times

  • On-Site Services

    Save 10% on in-home services including: Wiring Setup Installation

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