About Wardell App Services

James has been in the IT business for over 10 years working for a couple of companies. One thing that he saw while working in this field is that, though we live in a technological world, there are many people that do not know how to utilize it. He saw an opportunity to use his expertise to serve and help people unlock the potential of technology in their lives. So, with the help of his wife, Callie, and his four kids, Wardell App Services was born.

Wardell App Services is not just made up of technical know how, but is built upon hard work, support, and love. Our goal is to empower as many people we can so that they can discover how technology can benefit them and how to implement it.  We focus on the individual, not the sale, to make sure they have not only the devices, but the skills to use them. We want our clients to feel empowered and confident as they navigate the world technology.